Who am I?

Hi, my friend:)

My name is David Zhao. I’m a semi-professional ping pong player and now have upgraded to a complete small ball sports enthusiast.

My connection with ping pong started with an Olympic table tennis competition. At that time, I was completely attracted by Ding Ning, who is a very inspiring and successful women’s table tennis player, and since then I became a big fan of her and this sport. Under her influence, I started to learn and play ping pong and by now, it has been almost 10 years.

During this time, I not only deepened my understanding of ping pong, but also expanded my interests more into golf, badminton, tennis, pickleball, snooker, and other small ball sports, and that’s where my blog name comes from.

Why did I build this blog?

To start a new sport is truly a challenge. Where should I start? How to find a trustworthy and professional coach or course? What is the best equipment for me? These are all problems that I need to solve as a beginner. However, the lack of such information can certainly make it harder. Or even though there are plenty of lengthy articles, I still feel like nothing after reading them all. As disappointment grows, the idea that why not build a blog myself came up in my mind.

As Socrates said in the Republic that by his art, the musician cannot make men unmusical and the horseman cannot make men bad horsemen. I admit that I’m not the best to teach you how to play sports or how to choose sports equipment, but I still love to contribute my meager strength to let more people participate in and enjoy small ball sports.

What’s in it for you?

Due to the original vision of this blog, my goal is just to help ping pong and other small ball sports beginners quickly get familiar with the sport you choose and find pleasure in it.

In general, my blog will help you in three aspects:

  • Help you find your most desired sports equipment.
  • Help you understand the basic rules of your chosen sports.
  • Help you explore more small ball sports.

How do I create the content?

Any blog on this site would be a combination of authentic real-life experience and authoritative research results. And before I publish these articles, I’ll ask the professional advice from my coaches who have been playing the sports almost throughout their whole life, so that I can make sure the blog content is at least not misleading.

Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to make the content concise and easy to understand. Because for me, any obscure language would be a symptom of incomprehension. My biggest motivation for writing is to summarize what I’ve mastered and explain it in simple words to convenience more people who are new to this area.

Final Thoughts

All in all, If you can find any piece of information in this blog that is helpful for you in sports playing and equipment buying, then that would be my biggest pleasure:)