Best Pickleball Bags in 2024

Pickleball’s booming, and so is the need for a matched bag. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best pickleball bags on the market, considering factors like space, pockets, compartments, durability, and style.

Top picks:

SlingMangrove Pickleball Bag
Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag
Athletico Sling Bag
BackpackCRBN Pro Team Backpack
Sucipi Pickleball Bag
A11N Pickleball Bag
Athletico Pickleball Backpack
DuffleLOB Pickleball Bag

1. Mangrove Pickleball Sling Bag

Top-rated: 4.8/5 | 1,996 ratings | 12 answered questions

mangrove pickleball sling bag

Highlight: Lightweight and compact design; Ample size and capacity; Impressive features like a thermos drink holder and well-organized pockets.

Helpful review: “Unless you’re a pickleball player that likes to carry their life around in one of the many suitcase size bags out there, this is the best I’ve found in this size.

First, it’s made of good materials – they feel solid, sturdy, and like they’ll last. The bag looks attractive with its black with white accents. Our other one is blue and we love the look, but the black is sleek and fresh. As I said, the materials are solid and it feels like we’ll get some good, long use out of it. The zippers – always a consideration – are solid, well built, and feel like they’ll last as well.

The one aspect I’m not sure about is the durability of the zippers since I’ve only had the bag for a month. Broken zippers are why I usually have to throw out other bags. I will say that these zippers certainly seem more durable but only time will tell.

Second, the size of this bag is excellent! We are blown away by how large this bag is, how much it already fits, and how much room remains. Blown away. We have two, covered paddles and 4 balls and there is plenty of room for more. My wife – and I really – think our other 2 paddles would easily fit, as well as another ball or two WITH the 4 paddles – or at the least, a number of extra calls. Keep those out and we could put back up shirts, a light jacket, those types of things in there.

The mesh pocket on the side will hold 2 balls or a drink container. It is big enough to carry typical thermos containers that hold even up to 40 oz. Smaller drink sizes work as well because it’s elastic and fairly deep.I especially like the lined separated front pocket where you can put your phone and your keys, phones, and wallets, and they will not touch each other.

A bonus is the hook included attached inside. We usually have a carabiner to attach it to something like a fence, or for whatever. This one has the hook, so no need.

Third, ease of carry. This one comes with a strap for over the chest carrying, but no handle – not at a all a big deal. Use the strap or carry it over yourself – as I’ve already done – and make things easy.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and can be switched from left-handed to right-handed. A nice touch is the buckle on the shoulder strap that allows easy detachment for on/off when using a cross-carry across the back.

Overall this is a great bag and I’m so glad I picked this one – very happy to recommend

—Dr. Paul

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2. CRBN Pro Team Backpack

crbn picklebeall backpack

Highlight: The CRBN Pro Team Backpack impresses with its spacious and well-organized design, featuring durable materials, thermal-lined pockets for water bottles and paddles, a convenient shoe compartment, and clever accessibility features in the main compartment.

Helpful review: “First off, let me tell you, this bag surprised me with its spacious design. While I initially thought it might be more of a day pack, it offers even more room than I anticipated. Whether you’re heading to a tournament or traveling, this backpack has got the space you need.

Starting with the materials, it has a really strong, durable upper material that seems like quality stuff. It has a different material here at the bottom, which is great. This material will be easier to clean and wipe off, which is important since this part of the bag will be sitting on the ground and getting dirty. When you clean it, it’ll be really easy to wipe that stuff off.

Up front, there’s a small pocket where I currently have my wallet. It’s worth noting that this pocket is on the smaller side and doesn’t have much depth. If you have a larger iPhone, unfortunately, it won’t fit, but a smaller phone should do just fine.

Moving to the sides, there are handy pockets. One side features a thermal-lined water bottle pocket, designed to accommodate a smaller water bottle. While it may not fit larger items, the thermal lining provides some protection from the heat, although it’s not super insulated. The same pocket is mirrored on the opposite side. Here, I’ve stashed a couple of balls, and you could easily fit three. The thermal lining in these pockets is a great feature, shielding the balls from the heat and ensuring they stay firm and fresh even in scorching weather. It’s a thoughtful touch, making it a convenient spot for your pickleballs.


Moving on to the paddle compartment, it’s conveniently located near the back and is thermal-lined as well. Large enough for 4+ paddles (insulated). Surprisingly, the paddles don’t create discomfort when wearing the backpack, thanks to the excellent padding.

The shoe compartment at the bottom is wide enough to fit shoes side by side and the mesh zipper panel is perfect.

Now, into the main compartment – it’s impressively spacious. The top part flips over nicely, revealing a strong lining that won’t easily rip. There are additional pockets inside, great for storing smaller items like over grips, a phone, or personal items.

Closing up the main compartment, you can still access it from the center zipper, providing easy reach to items buried deeper. A clever feature when you need something quickly. The various pockets inside offer additional organization, though some might be a bit tight if the exterior pockets are in use.

In conclusion, the Carbon Protein Backpack is slick, sharp-looking, and functional. I’m really impressed and pleased with its design and functionality.


I love the backpack! I really like the size of it however there are a few things that I would change.

Firstly, I want the back zipper meant for paddles to be just a little bit bigger with the padded section there because my CRBN 2 does not fit. It’s not the end of the world and I still keep the sleeve on it but that just seems natural.

Secondly, I don’t love how when I put my shoes in the bottom, it affects the space in the big pocket. My size 12’s are a bit of a tight squeeze. I almost wish that there was like a “floor” in that pocket where you wouldn’t even see the tips of the shoes.

Lastly, I want there to be a larger mesh area in one of the big pockets specifically for balls. Maybe have two of them one for indoor and one for outdoor.

Overall, I love the bag. I really like how it matches all of my gear. The color scheme is great. It feels really well constructed and I can see myself using in for a long time!”

—David B.

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3. Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag

Top-rated: 4.7/5 | 4,431 ratings

franklin sports pickleball sling bag

Highlight: Decent quality nylon; 3 pockets + water bottle net; Hook for hanging on fence; Durable and well-made; Inexpensive.

Helpful review: “Franklin pickleball bag is decent quality nylon, zippers are adequate but seem a little fragile and suspect tearing if you overstuffed your bag. Bag has only 3 pockets plus a water bottle net. The racket pocket could probably hold 3 rackets though I only carry 1 racket, a towel and a sunglass case with 2 extra plastic lenses which is a tight fit. A second pocket which is a decent size for balls, suntan lotion or a couple of items you don’t mind having to fish out of the bottom of the pocket under your balls. The third pocket is a small padded pocket which will barely hold a Samsung Galaxy S9 phone (5.81 x 2.70 x 0.33 inches) and certainly no larger phone. Really needs more pockets for better organization and a larger cell phone pocket but if you are looking for an inexpensive bag and don’t carry much more than a paddle, balls, small phone and a water bottle than this bag should work for you.


I’ve been using this bag for about six months now and the longer I use it, the more I like it. The other day, a fellow Pickleball player was putting hooks on a fence to store gear (and save space on benches for humans to sit) and I remembered that my bag had a hook on it (which, when I first got it, I didn’t know why). This is just one of several features that I like about this bag. I like that it has a strap that allows it to hang on a hook (which I use) as well as the actual hook (which I now use). It has a little side pocket for a water bottle (though it could be a deeper pocket). It has a main pocket that can easily hold at least two paddles (and who needs more than that) as well as a ball. There’s another, slightly smaller pocket that I use for my extra apparel that I might remove in warmer weather. And then there’s a pretty small, horizontal pocket that really, for me at least, can only fit keys. I’ve thought about what makes me unable to actually love this bag and I think it’s the fact that it’s so stiff. Over the last six months, it hasn’t gotten any less stiff (it has two reinforcement panels which keep it that way), which I don’t love. It comes in several colors, and I like the gray with pink.

In summary, this is an absolutely adequate Pickleball bag that has all the right features to hold paddles, balls, a cell phone, keys and apparel.


The bag works for normal use. I usually like to pack 4 paddles in case I’m playing with friends that don’t have their own paddles. 4 paddles is a stretch in this bag. The zipper barely closes. Also, with 4 paddles, there’s barely room for a few balls after that. The small pocket on the outside is lined for a phone but my phone doesn’t fit in it. Granted my phone is bigger than a normal phone and has a case on it (Samsung note 20). Overall it works and is good for the price. It’s durable. I just wish it were a bit biggers in certain areas


I’m a beginner and this bag is perfect for me. I have 2 paddles which fit nicely inside the main compartment. 6 balls fit nicely in the ball compartment. There’s a bottle pouch that fits my sweat towel. There’s also a small pocket good for miscellaneous things like a cell phone, or glasses, or keys, but not all of those things at once since it is kinda tight. I keep glasses, 2 overwraps, and a sweat band in it. The bag also comes with an attached hook for hanging on a fence. I still use a D-clip. It is a great beginners bag. I can see myself getting a larger bag when I get more serious. The bag is pretty well made and sturdy. I’m impressed with it at this price point. Not to mention, Franklin is not some unknown brand in the sport equipment industry.”

—JuLee Rudolf

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4. Sucipi Pickleball Backpack/Sling Bag

sucipi pickleball bag

Highlight: Versatile design for one or two-strap use, ample pockets, and remarkable comfort.

Helpful review: “First it’s sooo pretty. I’ve had sooooo many compliments on the look of it… And no fading in the colors from the sun. I thought the colors would fade but looks brand new months later!

The hook is durable, I threw this bag on the ground, wore over one shoulder and then unzipped the strap to carry as a backpack while biking to pickleball court. I love that feature of using either over one shoulder or both – I know any backpack can be used that way but just zippering it up to make ONE strap was very nice and convenient.

There’s lots of pockets – love the cell phone pocket in the back – was able to fit 2 cell phones and probably could easily fit 2 more in there! I packed more than anyone would normally because of biking. I didn’t want to bring another bag or bike bag, so I had 2 paddles, bag full of 4 balls, biking gloves, 2 cell phones, wallet, snacks (like 4 protein bars, peanuts, cheese), flat ice pack, 2 t-shirts, golf shirt, 2 hand towels. I could have fit more lol.

Oh and it was close to 90 degrees riding my bike packed with all this stuff and honestly felt very light like I wasn’t wearing anything on my back! I couldn’t figure that one out unless maybe it’s the material… Oh and no sweating on the back – I guess it has some kind of cooling material idk but VERY VERY comfortable… Several times I had to check to make sure I was even wearing anything because it was soooo light! I might use this bag for other trips like cruising, etc… because I like it that much.


So far, we mostly like the bag. I don’t know durability because we’ve only used it for a little of a week now but it has been used almost everyday.


-Holds 40oz water bottle in water bottle pouch. Other bags we’ve tried don’t have the diameter for a larger water bottle but this one holds a 40oz thermo flask with ease.

-Paddles easily fit. You don’t need to angle the paddle in to get it to fit at the top of the bag like some others. We generally have 3 paddles in there with no problem. I’m sure we could fit more but it would take a little more work. The side zippers really help.

-Middle pouch holds a good amount of balls. Security pouch can hold two cell phones.
-Can be a backpack style or sling style.
-Built-in fence hook.
-Looks nice.


-The fence hook is on the back, underneath the straps. If the straps are zipped together for a sling style, this blocks the fence hook. Not a big deal but it would be a better design with the hook on top.

-There is a divider in the paddle section but it wasn’t easy to get a paddle on the back side. It would be nice to have a neoprene divider so you can hold two paddles without covers in there. Not a big deal since my paddles have covers but the divider is there and not really useful.

-The fabric on one of the zipper pulls is frayed. I don’t know if it came that way or if it wore down from the five times we’ve used it.

I’ll try to remember to update this after a few more months of use.”

—Travis Wertz

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5. A11N Pickleball Bag – Sling Bag/Backpack

a11n pickleball bag

Highlight: Two large pockets for paddles and clothes/towel; Smaller pockets for keys, wallet, and balls; Elastic mesh bottle holder for 20oz bottle; Comfortable to carry as a backpack or sling; Hook for hanging on fence; Affordable and stylish.

Helpful review: “Have had the bag for 3 or 4 months and it’s holding up well. I normally have 2 or 3 paddles , 6 to 9 balls and a small (hand) towel in the main compartment. The other 3 compartments are smaller but still hold anything else you might to take to the court, i.e., keys, phone, wallet, sweat bands, glasses… I’m sure there’s more.

There is plenty of room in this bag. It also has an elastic mess bottle holder that easily holds a 20 oz. bottle of liquid on the outside of the bag.

You can carry it as a backpack or a sling (sling is more comfortable) and has a plastic hook inside the main compartment so you can hang the bag on the fence at the courts. It’s a nice bag, appears to be durable and yes I’d recommend buying it.


The main reason I bought this model was that it has two large pockets, one for racquets and one for a shirt or towel. The second main pocket was a little smaller than I had hoped but a folded shirt and towel should both still fit. Has a pocket for keys and wallet and a third pocket I haven’t figured what I’ll use it for, I guess it will hold balls.

It is big enough to hold 2 paddles, cell phone, wallet, keys, 2 balls, sleeves, knee braces, water bottle, and eraser and still look pretty slim. 

Inside one of the larger pockets is a mesh pocket to hold a phone or keys as well. That may be the best place to keep your phone since there is very little padding (other than the back) anywhere to protect it when dropping down the bag.

The fabric was far sturdier than expected, black color was also a pleasant surprise. Mesh bottle holder on the outside is deep and has very tight elastic so shouldn’t ever have disposable plastic water bottles falling out. (Think about what size fits in your car cup holders.) Given how tight the elastic is, I think fitting one of those larger 30-40 oz Yeti type cups would be problematic.

Piping is a grey reflective material but is not as noticeable as in the pictures. You won’t be ashamed to show up with this bag at all. Really great value, looks to me to be a lot more expensive than it’s price point.

I also like that it lets you choose between right or left shoulder making it comfortable bag to carry.”

—Jorge Tutiven

6. Athletico Sling Bag

athletico sling bag

Highlight: Two full-length zippered pockets for large items; Smaller pockets for keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials; Water bottle pocket and built-in hook for hanging; Lightweight but concerns about durability.

Helpful review: “Overall, this is a functional bag with lots of pockets. Unfortunately, the pockets are not designed to expand. The main compartment will hold about 3 paddles, but all the other pockets and compartments ultimately end up being too small especially since they don’t expand.

If all you want to carry is your paddles, a sports bottle, and a few other small items (car keys, phone, etc), then this is a fine small bag. But, if you want to carry more (snacks, change of clothing, shoes, sunglasses, etc), then this bag will be too small.

Lastly, the built in hook is a great idea, making it really easy to hang your bag instead of leaving it on the ground (it doesn’t really stand up well).


I really like there are two full length zippered pockets allowing separation of large items. There also are two smaller zippered pockets on the front and another on the back (where I put my wallet, unseen). The water bottle pocket is also well done. I sometimes put my water bottle there but more often my phone goes there so I am more likely to hear the phone when I am not near the bag. This bag meets every one of my expectations. If I needed another bag, I would most definitely buy this bag again.


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7. Athletico Pickleball Backpack

athletico pickleball backpack

Highlight: Dedicated bottom compartment for balls; Exterior water bottle pockets; Lots of zippered compartments for storage; Roomier and better stitched than other brands; Spacious main compartment fits 3 paddles, 2 cans of pickleballs, shoes, wallet, keys, and more.

Helpful review: “This is a great pickleball bag. Size is perfect.. not to small not to big and fits 2 paddles plus lightweight jacket, towel, balls and a large water bottle in the main area of bag. It also has 3 “usable” places for wallet, keys, phone etc. which work good but an IMPORTANT TIP is make sure to put your phone screen pointed to the outside or risk it breaking (like mine did) hitting the water bottle in the main compartment. (More on having to put water bottle in main compartment below)

How it could be better:

1) The water bottle pockets on sides are not deep enough for most athletic steel bottles. It fits a simple small bottle of water, but that’s not what most people use these days. So I’m stuck putting my water bottle(s) in the main compartment which makes it more difficult to find and slower access zipping and unzipping between games (or leaving open, worse yet). I’m using these pockets for quick access to balls, but wish one of them was a little taller.

2) The top flap pocket that covers the main compartment, I hoped would be good for a phone. Not so much though, because a phone or even a wallet is heavy and makes it hard to open during games, and the phone flops back and forth hitting whatever is in your bag or the fence. Not safe for a phone. Luckily there are other pockets.

3) The idea of balls on the bottom compartment is good, but it goes all the way into the main compartment with a bag. So there’s no flat surface for the water bottle to sit on if that has to be in main compartment so it always falls over. No problem as long as the lid is on tight.

—Kaitlin L.

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8. LOB Pickleball Duffle Bag

lob pickleball duffle bag

Highlight: Extra bags, one for balls, one for personal care products; Detachable strap and handles allow you to carry it crossbody or by hand; Great pickleball bag for beginners and casual players.

Helpful review: “I love the flexibility and durability of this bag. It is the perfect size for my Pickleball matches;

It is so lightweight that it can easily be carried around in the gym and on outdoor courts. I love that it fits into tight spaces like my gym locker cubbies. It holds my paddles and comes with a bag for extra balls. It can also fit my shoes and a change of clothes.

I love that it also comes with an extra bag for personal care products and a carabiner clip to hook it to the fence or hold your car keys. It has internal pockets which organize items inside for easy finding, fastpacking, and portability (cellphone and wallet).

The nylon is sturdy, detachable strap and handles are great. I like the long strap because it allows me to carry it crossbody.

Overall I’m pleased with the product, and I highly recommend it. 

On to a friend’s review with different opinions:

I’m an avid competitive tennis player (30+ yrs.) who is transitioning to pickleball (newbie). I’ve owned dozens of tennis bags so I know a few things about tennis bag construction, durability, functionality.

Looking at this bag from a tennis player’s perspective, Cons: This bag cannot hold 2 carbon face 16mm thick paddles (Vatic Pro) in the exterior pocket. You can hold one with its cover. Other paddle goes inside main compartment. Carbon face needs a cover to keep from getting scratched or damaged during transport. The pics show probably thin fiberglass/plastic paddles where covers are not needed.

The mesh water pockets are very weak and don’t hold the bottles in place — filled water bottle falls out easily. I have metal, insulated-wall Takeya bottles and can only carry the smaller bottles (<1 L).

Pros: cheap price and adequate durability as a starter bag for beginners like me, but nowhere near the quality of a comparable Wilson, Head, Babolat, tournament quality tennis bag. Mesh zipper bag for balls is handy.

—Maria G.

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Final Verdict – Best Pickleball Bags

After exploring the top pickleball balls on the market, it’s clear that the ideal choice depends on your individual preferences and needs.

From top-rated options like the spacious Mangrove Pickleball Sling Bag and the feature-packed CRBN Pro Team Backpack to the adaptable A11N Pickleball Bag and the spacious LOB Pickleball Duffle Bag, there’s a bag for every preference and need.

So grab your bag, fill it with your favorite gear, and head out to the court – your next pickleball victory awaits!