Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin [2024]

Pickleball is easy to learn but difficult to master. One of the most important skills in pickleball is the ability to generate spin. If you’re looking to improve your spin game, the first thing you need to do is choose the right paddle. In this article, we will discuss some of the best pickleball paddles for spin on the market.

Top picks: Ronbus R1.16/R3.16 | Legacy Pro | CRBN1 and CRBN2 | Vatic Pro Flash/V7 | Six Zero Double Black Diamond | Selkirk Vanguard | JOOLA Hyperion CFS | JOOLA Perseus | Gearbox CX14E | GAMMA Obsidian

1. Ronbus R1.16/R3.16

ronbus r1.16 pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: Ronbus paddle is the current spin king with plush feel and ample power for drives; Spin rate exceeds competitors like JOOLA Hyperion, Legacy Pro, and JOOLA Perseus, making it a valuable choice.

Helpful review: “First let me start by saying this paddle is the current king of spin. It has everything. Plush off the face, enough power for drives and put aways, just amazing.

I have a spin rate monitor and I clocked the spin on this paddle over 2,200 RPM, which in comparison to the JOOLA Hyperion at 1,765, the Legacy Pro at 1,865, and the new JOOLA Perseus at 1,877, this Ronbus paddle is a freaking steal.

I personally went with the R1.16 and that’s what I did my spin testing with. But I’m sure they are all relative. This company seems to be doing something right.

I’m trying to think if I have any negatives. I think the only one would be the grip is a bit slippery, and when you sweat, it doesn’t feel great. So, I’d definitely recommend a tacky overgrip (as with basically any paddle). Lastly, I’d recommend a 5-inch strip of lead tape at the two bottom corners of the paddle for added stability and a little extra weight, which makes it feel 10/10. But those are just personal preference things.” —Steven S.

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2. Vatic Pro Flash/V7

vatic pro flash pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: Enables you to apply more spin effectively; Reduces impact shock, preventing arm strain during spin shots; Comparable to high-end paddles like the $250 Selkirk Invikta in terms of power and sound.

Helpful review: “As a 4.5 player who employs spin, this paddle allowed me to apply more spin than I have ever used. Hitting spin can put additional stress on a player’s arm, something I have experienced in the past, but the Vatic Pro 16mm seems to cushion impact so the shock of that impact is reduced to a level that does not bother me. The paddle has improved my game and those who play with me on a regular basis have noticed that improvement and purchased Vatic Pros themselves. Quite a testimony is the success of the various new technologies employed, and the relatively low price. Can’t beat it!”


The spin is definitely there. It feels like 120 sandpaper and really needs erasing after each match.

Feels as powerful as the $250 Selkirk Invikta paddle (and just as loud). But for my playstyle and needs as a 3.25, I need something dialed back.

The power feels good, but the touch just isn’t there for dinks and drops. Every ball pops up or goes 2 feet farther than if I were to use a control paddle, even after 4 hours of play, and testing with some lead weights. Probably great for plays with tiny swings or someone who needs more power, or someone who relies entirely on spin to keep shots in. I’m not at that point with dinks yet.” —Jesse Mitchell

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3. CRBN1 and CRBN2


Key takeaway: Gritty texture allows for excellent spin control, making various spin types easily achievabl; Remarkable softness, touch, and overall feel.

Helpful review: “I recently wrapped up a session with the CRBN 16mm, and this paddle blew me away. The softness, touch, and overall feel of this paddle are truly amazing. The shape is now one of my favorites, offering a gritty texture similar to the Electrum Pro, allowing for fantastic spin control. I can effortlessly swipe across the ball, putting spins of all kinds.

Speaking of spin, we conducted an independent study comparing various spin-oriented paddles, and the CRBN 16mm secured the second spot, with the 13mm version taking the lead. In a scientific study where we hit nine balls each and analyzed revolutions per minute with super slow-motion footage, the CRBN series proved its mettle.

Now, let me share a comprehensive review from our team members, Dave, Mark, and Keith:

It reminded us of the Pursuit MX, a shape we all love. Despite the 13mm core, it offers excellent control and is surprisingly easy to adjust to. Playing a few more games with it confirmed its prowess, especially in the kitchen for dinking and resetting.

I also want to highlight the CRBN 16mm, which impressed me with its softness, touch, and feel. This well-made paddle initially had me hooked with its long version, the CRBN 1. The 16mm thickness provides the perfect blend of softness, power, and spin. However, the CRBN 2, a shorter version of the same paddle, maintains these qualities but with increased speed. It took me a couple of days to get used to it, especially with backhands, but now I can confidently say it’s become a favorite.

To conclude, whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, I highly recommend giving the CRBN series a shot. It’s a paddle that combines softness, power, spin, and control seamlessly.” —Martin Pratovic

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4. Legacy Pro

legacy pro pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: The Legacy Pro pickleball paddle redefines spin performance with its exceptional capabilities, earning the title of the “new king of spin” at an impressive 1903 RPM.

Helpful review: “I recently had the opportunity to try out the Legacy Pro pickleball paddle, and let me tell you, it has completely changed the game for me. As someone who has been playing pickleball for quite some time, I was initially skeptical about trying a new brand, especially one that seemed similar to the sea of carbon fiber paddles flooding the market. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong in my assumptions.

Firstly, the Legacy Pro is not your average raw carbon fiber paddle. It boasts a 16-millimeter thick polymer core, an elongated shape, a 5.3-inch handle, 4.125-inch grip circumference, and a Toray t700 carbon fiber face. The unique feature that caught my attention was the thermal forming and injected foam, which sets it apart from the competition.

The thermal forming process results in an edgeless design, making the paddle more durable and less prone to damage. I was amazed at the durability when I saw videos of attempts to break it – the paddle held strong. Additionally, the injected foam, placed between the core and thermal forming, contributes to both durability and a unique feel.

One of the standout features is the weaving pattern on the carbon fiber face, which is noticeably tighter than other paddles on the market. This attention to detail translates into a different feel, and even the touch is different from typical raw carbon fiber paddles.

The Legacy Pro’s sweet spot is, without a doubt, one of the best in the market. Whether it’s volleys, drives, or blocks, the paddle delivers a satisfying and consistent feel. The spin performance is exceptional, surpassing even some of the top competitors. I measured an impressive 1903 RPM, making it the new king of spin.

Now, let’s talk power. The Legacy Pro is a banger’s dream. The ball flies off the face with incredible velocity, especially noticeable in fast exchanges at the net. The plush feel of the paddle, combined with its power, provides a unique sensation. It reminded me of the speed of an EVA foam paddle like theDiadem Vice, but with even more power.

However, it’s important to note that the soft feel and power of the Legacy Pro require a specific playing style. It’s ideal for players with soft hands who let the paddle do the work in their strokes. I did face some challenges transitioning from a stiffer paddle, particularly in doubles play, where precise control is crucial.

In terms of durability, the paddle seems solid, with only minor cosmetic scratches that didn’t affect performance. The paddle does accumulate a lot of ball dust imprints, giving it a unique look after a play session.

In conclusion, the Legacy Pro is a game-changer in the pickleball world. While I faced some personal challenges adapting to its soft feel for doubles play, I believe it’s a top-tier paddle, especially for singles. The combination of power, spin, and durability at a price point of $150 is mind-boggling. It has earned its place among the best paddles on the market, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the go-to choice for many players, including professional ones who have already expressed their admiration for it.” —Chris Olson

5. Six Zero Double Black Diamond

Key takeaway: The paddle features the same grit pattern as the Legacy Pro, which, while not conclusively proven to enhance spin, has demonstrated effective results.

Helpful review: “When I first got this paddle, I realized I had never played with a paddle with more spin. 2007 RPMs is in the top five high-spinning paddles on the market today. I would often find myself literally laughing in the middle of a point because of how much the ball would be dipping into the court.

So many times, I thought my shot was going to be long gone, and then it wasn’t. There were many occasions where I would hit a drive or a serve that was intentionally left by the other team because they thought it was sailing out, and they would land 6 inches inside the court. And don’t even get me started with the roll volleys at the kitchen line. Any third-shot drop from the opposing team that didn’t hit the ground felt like it was attackable. I was able to rip shots back at them while they were trying to transition into the kitchen line, and that helped me win so many points.” —Jordan Briones

6. JOOLA Hyperion CFS

joola hyperion cfs pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: JOOLA Hyperion allows for increased and more effective spinning of the ball, a significant improvement from the limitations of the cheap paddles.

Helpful review: “I had been using some paddles that my wife had bought, and they were cheap but worked. I have a tendency to always spin the ball when I play. I wanted to spin it more, but with the cheap paddles, I was working them to their max. I bought my wife a better paddle as we were going to be in a tournament. I played with her paddle, and it is nice; I like the differences. So, I started looking for a paddle for myself.

JOOLA Hyperion is pricey, but worth it. The reaction of the ball to the paddle is amazing. It grips well and has a bigger sweet spot, like I would have on a tennis racket. I was very impressed. I even had some of my spins back up the ball on a dink, which I was never able to do with the cheap paddles. Well worth the money; it is quality and so much better than I thought it might be.” —Mike Harris

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7. JOOLA Perseus

joola perseus pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: It features a highly textured mesh of very tiny squares, contributing to exceptional spin capabilities. However, over time, the loss of texture on the surface may lead to a significant decrease in spin performance.

Helpful review: “I’ve been playing with the Perseus paddle for about a week. It’s very light (mine weighs 7.7), has very good power, and the highly textured surface gives me incredible spin. The surface “grit” is a mesh of very tiny (each being about .5mm across) squares. The spin on your first game is going to be about the best you’ve ever had. Same with part of your second. Three hours in and my paddle had lost nearly all texture on the surface, giving me at best half of the spin I was getting game 1. If you’re buying this paddle for spin, it doesn’t last long.

The power and control are still pretty great, but that’s way too fast to lose texture on a paddle in this price bracket.” —Bradley

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8. Gearbox CX14E

gearbox cx4e pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: If your game is soft with spins and dinks, this is it!

Helpful review: “It took me about a month to adjust to this from a honeycomb paddle. I get more control and more consistent spin. My 3rd shot drop is more consistent also. Great for slowing up the game for defense and I have enough power for slams. I do lose some power on slams, but its enough to be effective and keep the ball in control.”

-Great build quality.
-Feels good in your hand.
-Feels quick at the net.
-Capable of putting a lot of spin on the ball.

-Off the sweet spot is COMPLETELY dead, I end up having issues taking pace off at the net as of the center reacts so differently then off to the side of the face.” —Scott Zachewicz

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9. GAMMA Obsidian

gamma obsidian pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: The Gamma Obsidian is a top-tier pickleball paddle for spin renowned for its exceptional durability.

Helpful review: “I have quite a few paddles, most of them with a carbon fiber surface for generating topspin. Coming from a tennis background, I am more comfortable with spin than the flat hits that more traditional Pickleballers use. However, even with the top brands, I’ve found that the carbon facing wears down over time. Almost every one of my high-end paddles has developed a shiny and slick oval right where the sweet spot is, leading to less and less spin. I’ve noticed degradation in some of my paddles in just a few weeks, even with using an eraser to clean off the ball fibers. (My routine is about 3-4 hours/day for about 5 days a week, which may be a bit more than most people play.)

I’ve now played with this paddle for about 3 weeks, alternating between this and another paddle to minimize degradation evenly. I can see the degradation of the carbon fiber, but not at the same rate—again, it may be due to alternating paddles. I give the paddle 4 stars but it’s not because there’s anything wrong with it; it’s just that I’m not used to the different shape of this paddle, where it’s slightly wider on top than the bottom. It’s more of a preference than anything else, so it may not be fair to deduct the extra star. The paddle itself is a good weight and has a very stable feel, even with off-kilter shots, and the grip is nice. Overall it’s still a very good paddle for the solid intermediate player.” —Jon Chung

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10. Selkirk Vanguard

selkirk vanguard pickleball paddle

Key takeaway: Notable for ball control with a textured surface; Provides excellent spin results, surpassing other paddles, including Joola Graphite; Superb for serious players willing to invest over $200 in a paddle

Helpful review: “Just played with this baby today for about an hour or so.
Let me preface by stating I am NOT a pickleball pro, basically only been playing for 2 years now, however I did play a lot of tennis, and also ping-pong, so this sport was a natural progression for me and I can hold my own on a court.

My personal breakdown of pickleball paddles:
Wood – Cheapest, Lowest quality, heavy, not a lot of spin, for the beginner at best, I don’t recommend.
Fiberglass – inexpensive to moderately priced, Lighter, more responsive than wood, decent spin depending on finish, can be a great paddle for the beginner all the way to the advanced player.
Graphite/Carbon Fiber – Usually most expensive, light, also usually the best spin, intermediate to advanced / pro player.

This Selkirk paddle falls into the “Pro Carbon Fiber” category, one of the more popular choices for the serious player. As mentioned, just tried this out today and was very happy with the performance, and it looks awesome too! Lightweight yet very solid ball striking, compact comfortable grip, but most important I look for ball control and this has a nice textured surface and added a lot of spin to the ball making those topspin or backspin shots that much easier, probably the best spin results I’ve gotten in a paddle, even better than my Joola Graphite. Superb paddle for the serious player, and you have to be serious to spend over $200 on a paddle, but this paddle delivers.” —Charles K.

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