Best Pickleball Paddles under $100 [2024]

Pickleball is fun, social, and relatively easy to learn. But if you’re just starting out, you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a paddle.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best pickleball paddles under $100. These paddles are perfect for beginners and intermediate players alike, and they won’t break the bank.

Top picks:

1. Vatic Pro Prism Series

vatic pro prism pickleball paddles

Highlight: The Vatic Pro Prism paddles offer surprising high-end performance and control for their price, rivaling a pricier paddle like the Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 with their plush feel and spin.

Helpful review: “So, I recently got my hands on the Vatic Pro Prism paddles, and I have to say, it’s making quite an impression.

Priced at $100, they use high-end raw T700 carbon fiber that we’re seeing on much more expensive paddles. They also have foam injected around the perimeter, so they’re not thermoformed, and you don’t have to worry about delamination or the core being crushed or anything like that. Available in two shapes, the Flash and V7, both 16 millimeters thick.

Now, let’s talk about how they performed on the court. I was curious to see how they stacked up against a more expensive paddle Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16—I thought that Vatic Pro could potentially hit a big home run with the Prism series if they play similarly with the cost only being $100—and the short answer is, they play very similarly. In fact, I’d even say they might perform a little better.

I tried both the Flash and V7 models. The V7 felt almost identical to Joola Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16, with a dense plush feel and a bit more power than expected. The Flash, with a lower swing weight, was easier to maneuver and had that plush feel, though it didn’t carry through the ball as well.

I’d categorize both as control paddles. The 16-millimeter cores and plush feel make them great for absorbing pace off the ball and controlling the game’s pace. During my drill session, I found it easy to hit good thirds and drop resets into the kitchen, even in windy conditions.

On the attacking side, while not exceptionally powerful, they offer decent pop. The spin ratings are good, with my tests showing around 1650 RPMs, allowing for effective drive serves and aggressive roll volleys.

A couple of noteworthy points: the handles have a unique length of 5.4 inches, providing leverage without making the head feel small. The grip size of 4.25 inches is uncommon for thicker core paddles but felt comfortable.

In conclusion, these paddles are excellent for control. Whether you’re a newer player or an experienced one looking for a blend of power and control without the poppiness of thermoformed paddles, these are a solid choice. They are durable, reasonably priced, and offer a great soft game. My only wish is for 14-millimeter options, but overall, I’m impressed with what this brand has delivered.”


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2. Ronbus R1.16

ronbus r1.16 pickleball paddle

Highlight: Best pickleball paddle for spin under $100.

Helpful review: “Alright, long story short before the Ronbus- after trying a bunch of different paddles the best all around paddle for my play style was a ben johns hyperion cfs. The Ronbus is the exact same shape so I ordered one as a back up paddle. After playing one game with it I realized the similarities end there and I finally found my favorite paddle.

To start, this is definitely a control paddle. It has a softer feel than the joola and has a much rougher texture that can generate incredible spin. Get yourself one of those paddle erasers, this thing will have plastic residue from balls on the paddle face every time you hit it. Insane…

Serves- I immediately realized the spin potential of the paddle and started utilizing some old tennis skills to try out some topspin serves that I couldn’t quite figure out with the joola. WOW- instantly changed my entire serving style and started forcing errors with heavy topspin.

Control- 3rd shot drop and dink machine…fantastic predictable touch.

Battles at the net- this paddle is lighter than my previous joola and is the perfect weight and balance to be quick at the net.

Power- This may be the one area this paddle lacks compared to my joola. It lacks a bit of the put away power I got used to with the heavier hyperion cfs but its only noticeable on overheads. For everything else this paddle excels and enables me to drive much lower balls and keep them on the court which I couldn’t do before. You can really feel confident hitting the ball at your opponents feet and forcing pop ups and errors. Lead tape might fix the overhead issue but I’ve decided to leave the paddle the way it is at the moment because it plays so well.

Construction- quality. The Grip on the handle is a pretty vanilla generic feeling grip which leaves a lot to be desired, I’d highly recommend replacing it with a new grip you like which would cost you a max of 12$. It steps up the feel of the paddle even more.

Overall The price point of this paddle is unmatched, period. The warranty is excellent and the owner of the company responds quickly to questions via email.

Great job Ronbus!”

Kevin Lee

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3. Neonic Force Pickleball Paddle

neonic force pickleball paddle

Highlight: A little more on the control side; more powerful than Vatic Pro Prism Flash.

Helpful review: “This paddle is stiffer, and feels more dense than my Gen 1 CF paddle, and delivers more power and pop. I haven’t had any major issues with control despite the extra juice. Get yourself a paddle eraser as this paddle has “grip” and picks up a lot of ball residue.” —Mister M.

Trending review: “This is a third drop and dinking machine. Great sweet spot, but doesn’t have the power of the vatic pro’s, legacy, pickleball apes of the thermofoamed paddles. A little more power than my vatic pro prism flash, and that is exactly what I was looking for. A very good compromise of power and control, with just a little bit more on the control side. Have let several people test drive the paddle, and at least one pickler who loved it and bought. My two cents, thanks.” —Jeffrey P.

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4. Onix Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

Top-rated: 5,050 ratings | 123 answered questions

onix z5 graphite pickleball paddle

Highlight: Great beginner and intermediate paddle except for the grip tape.

Helpful review: “As a more than beginner player, I felt that my game was being limited by the inexpensive beginner paddle that I learned and was playing with. I decided it was time for an upgrade to a more serious paddle to improve my game. I did a ton of research of the now seemingly thousands of paddles available these days. Through all of my research , the Onix Z5 paddle seemed to consistently be one of the top rated paddles on the market priced under 100 dollars.

So I decided to buy it and wowsa! Did it make a difference in my game! After a short learning curve getting used to the new paddle, I found out a lot of what I’d been missing: control, spin( top and back-spin), accuracy, and serving improved by leaps and bound. After a month or so of play, I’ve gone from the one nobody was psyched to play with to the one people want to play with.

The paddle is mid weight, thin, but feels light. The only issue I had was that the grip was a bit small for my hand so I bought some over-wrap tape and double overlapped the grip to build it up a bit. Man what a difference! I can see myself playing with this paddle for quite some time until I take the next step up in my game. For now the Onix Z5 is definitely the paddle of choice for me!”


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5. Professor PhD Pickleball Paddle Racket

professor phd pickleball paddle

Highlight: Great pop on power shot, positive ball feel, and exceptional spin capabilities.

Helpful review: “If you are a novice or intermediate player and you’re still looking for a great paddle that you can advance your game with and not spend 200, 300, or 400 dollars, the Professor PHD is a great all around paddle at a cost of 99 dollars.

Like all new players, as I started getting better and playing more competitive, I wanted a better paddle but wasn’t sure what to buy. I spent hundreds of dollars on many different paddles and couldn’t find one to fit what I wanted, until I found the Professor PHD paddles.

This paddle has a great pop when hitting power shots and a real positive feel of the ball on the paddle for better inking control. And this raw carbon super spin paddle really grips the ball and allows you to get amazing spin. On the court you can see the curve and sideways hop on the ball.


A very lovely pickle ball racquet. I have recently picked up pickleball and I was looking for a racket. I have played tennis for almost 17 years so a racket with a longer handle was important to me. I absolutely love the design, grip and handle of this racket.

Only thing I would change would be to make it a little bit more heavier. I will be adding lead strips to the racket to achieve this. Drop volleys requires a bit more touch and a heavy frame would solve this. Overall, plays well and good price point for a good level racket for friendly and beginner competitions.

—Kevin Brown

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