Best Pickleball Shoes

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the best pickleball shoes!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, having the right pickleball shoes can make a world of difference in your game. We’ve consulted with pickleball experts to identify the top pickleball shoes on the market, so you can find the perfect pair to elevate your game.

FYI, prices and ratings are accurate as of time of writing.

1. Babolat Jet Mach 3

babolat jet mach 3 pickleball shoes

Highlight: The Babolat Jet Mach 3 court shoes offer a glove-like fit, feather-light feel, and top-notch traction with a Michelin Rubber outsole, providing a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and stability for serious players.

Helpful review: I’ve been wearing the Babolat Jet Mach 3 court shoes for several weeks now, and let me share my personal take on these kicks.

As someone who takes their court game seriously, the Jet Mach 3 Series has been my go-to for a while, known for catering to serious players. Here’s what has me hooked: these shoes offer a glove-like fit, embracing my feet with a feather-light feel. With a medium-width foot, the fit is spot-on – no unnecessary shifting from side to side within the toe box, striking that perfect balance between snug and comfy. A bit of breaking in was needed, just a smidge to let them stretch and mold to my stride.

Let’s talk traction and stability. The Michelin Rubber outsole is a game-changer, delivering top-notch grip. I’m not one for sliding into shots; when I plant my foot, I want it locked in, and that’s exactly what this outsole provides. Whether I’m pushing off the baseline, charging the net, or making sudden stops, these shoes offer the assurance I need.

After four to six weeks of intense court sessions, the outsole shows minimal wear – a testament to their durability. Now, the Ortholite molded insole is where the comfort shines. More cushioning than previous Jet Mach models, it facilitates a seamless transition from heel to toe, providing the support needed for those swift court maneuvers.

Now, for the nitty-gritty dislikes – and they’re minor. While my pair wasn’t necessarily short, if I were in a retail store, I might have tried a half size up for that extra wiggle room. The shape of the shoelace holes is a bit finicky; they’re more like slits than holes. It’s a small gripe, but it can be a hassle when swapping laces due to the round, plastic-coated tips.

Getting my foot into the shoe takes a tad more effort due to the snug lace holes. Once in, the process of adjusting the laces can be a bit cumbersome, requiring some backward foot maneuvers.

Overall, the Babolat Jet Mach 3 impresses. Built for speed, performance, and, in my opinion, protection, these shoes are crucial for maintaining the health of your entire body on the court. No pain, no injury – just pure comfort and support. Will I keep wearing them? Absolutely. If you’re considering a pair, give them a shot.

—Karen Thaxton
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asics gel-renma pickleball shoes

Highlight: The Asics Gel Renma pickleball shoes prove to be durable, stable, and versatile, excelling on the pickleball courts, with impressive grip, ankle stability, and an affordable price point of $80 to $90, making them a popular choice among players.

Helpful reviews:

I absolutely swear by the Gel Renma Asics for my daily Pickleball sessions. As a dedicated 5-0 player, I’m on the court for roughly three hours every single day. These shoes are a game-changer.

What sets them apart is their remarkable durability. I’ve had this pair for an impressive six months, playing daily without the usual wear and tear issues I’ve faced with other shoes. Normally, I’d be going through a new pair every two months, but these Gel Renma Asics have outlasted all my expectations.

The rubber tip, which usually takes a beating in my Pickleball shoes, still looks brand new. It’s a relief since I’ve experienced rubber loss in the toe area with other brands. The material they use is fantastic – providing both durability and a solid foundation. Unlike more narrow shoes, these prevent any ankle-rolling issues, making them my top choice not just for Pickleball but for any sport on the court.

These shoes strike the perfect balance – they’re not heavy, yet they make me feel incredibly grounded. The Gel Renma Asics have become my go-to for pickleball, and I wholeheartedly recommend them. If you’re tired of burning through shoes every couple of months, give these a try – you won’t be disappointed.

—Zak Duncan

I’ve found my go-to pickleball shoes with the ASICS Gel-RENMA. These shoes offer fantastic support, grip, and cushioning. They keep me light on my feet and help me make quick, precise movements on the court. The design is sleek, and they’re incredibly comfortable. An excellent choice for pickleball players!

—Ethan Davis

As soon as I put these new shoes on I was skeptical, and dismayed. They felt too tight and I really didn’t want the hassle of having to return them. Then I realized I had been wearing nothing but flip flops for several days and my feet weren’t used to any kind of confinement so I decided to give it a day or two. I made sure the laces were loosened and I wore them to dinner. The next day I put them on I realized they felt pretty good so I decided to wear them playing Pickleball. They were absolutely wonderful! I have never worn court or Pickleball shoes while playing (I’m a fairly new player) and I liked how they gripped the court and were very responsive when I moved. Previously I wore a very worn out (no tread whatsoever) pair of trainers. Wasn’t expecting the shoes to make that much of a difference in my game but it was the missing link. They don’t have a wide toe box like a running shoe, they’re meant to fit more snugly. These fit me perfectly and as soon as they wear out I’ll buy another. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll become a pickleball champion but I have a lot more confidence in myself and my game after wearing these.

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3. Adidas Barricade

The Barricade 2023 isn’t just for tennis; it’s awesome for pickleball too.

adidas barricade pickleball shoes

Highlight: The Adidas Barricade 2023 stands out with its super wide shank that allows the shoe to get very low to the ground, providing agility and harnessing power, along with a herringbone pattern in the uppers for excellent grip, making it a top choice for both tennis and pickleball.

Helpful reviews:

I have gone through many pair of Pickleball shoes, in fact I have some that are barely used but these one work for me!
First the tongue of the shoe is anchored on the sides so it doesn’t move, little harder to get on but once on the fit is perfect. I have normal to slightly wider feet and this gives enough space that it is comfortable. The support for side to side movement is there along with the grip for the courts.
Not to mention I get so many compliments on the look. So many have asked what brand and where I purchased them and I now see a few showing up on the courts.


Having spent some quality court time with the 2023 Adidas Barricade, I must say it’s more than just a shoe – it’s a transformative experience, especially when compared to its predecessor, the 2021 Barricade. At first glance, from a bird’s-eye view, the differences might not be glaring, but it’s the subtle yet impactful tweaks in the 23s that redefine the playing field.

The real game-changers are found in the upper, particularly on the medial side. The 2023 Barricade boasts legit herringbone TPU in the forefoot, serving as a formidable drag guard. A significant departure from the 21s, which relied on a seemingly inconspicuous tab – a feature I initially doubted would do justice for draggers. Yet, Barricades, known for their aggressive play design involving toe dragging and sliding, proved me wrong. These shoes handle extreme toe dragging with finesse, as demonstrated in the upper durability test where the TPU held strong against 10 seconds of the highest grit sandpaper. The resilience was evident, especially in those compromising on-court positions.

Moving around the shoe, the 23s introduce a blend of textile threads in the upper, offering a soft and breathable feel. This is a refreshing departure from the 2021s, which leaned more towards a molded upper. The breathability test revealed a substantial improvement, with the 2023 Barricade registering a mere 113.4 degrees compared to the scorching 161.5 degrees of its predecessor.

Turning attention to the tongue and lace system, the 2023 Barricade flaunts a refined design. The tongue and egress of the shoe provide enhanced control in the toe box, while the non-elastic lace eyelets facilitate a secure tie-down without the need for excessive tightening.

Peeling back the layers in the midsole tear-down, the 2023 Barricade maintains the Adidas Bounce foam, offering a delightful low-to-the-ground feel – a feature I found particularly enjoyable during play. The outsole retains its reliable base shank and torsion system, ensuring impeccable side-to-side stability – a must for aggressive court movements.

The outsole tread pattern remains consistent with dual-thickness herringbone, delivering reliable grip across various court positions. The shoe’s speed ratio of 1.95 signals a deliberate focus on quick lateral movements, prioritizing agility over sheer speed.

However, the true star of the show is the fit. The 2023 Barricade outshines its 2021 counterpart with notable improvements in arch support, reduced cramping, and an overall more comfortable fit. This versatility makes it a commendable choice for players with diverse foot shapes.

In terms of playability, the 2023 Barricade emerges as a champion in quick lateral movements, providing a confidence-inspiring and stable feel on the court. The small but impactful tweaks and upgrades transport the shoe back to the essence of older Barricade models, emphasizing rugged performance.

Summing it up, the 2023 Adidas Barricade isn’t just an update – it’s a holistic evolution. With enhancements in durability, breathability, and fit, it caters to players who prioritize stability and lateral movements. After my time on the court, I can confidently say it’s a shoe that goes beyond expectations, making it a compelling choice for those serious about their game.

—Samuel Donovan
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4. ASICS Gel-Resolution 9

asics gel-resolution 9 pickleball shoes

Highlight: Durable urethane upper, flight foam midsole with excellent arch support, shock absorption, and energy release; efficient outsole with good grip; strong containment, slight deduction for high-volume feet; respectable speed rating; reliable and comfortable for versatile play.

Helpful review: As an avid pickleball player, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest shoes that can help me take my game to the next level. I recently had the opportunity to try out the Asics Gel Resolution 9, and I was thoroughly impressed.


From the moment I put on the shoes, I was struck by how comfortable they were. The urethane upper is soft and breathable, and the midsole provides just the right amount of cushioning without feeling too soft or unstable. Even after hours of playing, my feet felt comfortable and supported.


The Asics Gel Resolution 9 offers exceptional support, both medial and lateral. The outside of the shoe provides excellent containment, and the internal heel counter keeps my foot locked in place. I never felt like my foot was going to roll over or slip out of the shoe, even when making aggressive cuts and changes of direction.

Bounce and Shock Absorption:

The Flight Foam midsole provides plenty of bounce without feeling too stiff, and the gel cushioning absorbs shock effectively without making the shoe feel mushy. I felt like I had plenty of energy to push off the ground and move quickly around the court.


The Asics Gel Resolution 9 is a surprisingly fast shoe, considering its weight. The Flight Foam midsole is lightweight and responsive, and the AHAR rubber outsole provides excellent traction without feeling too sticky. I was able to move quickly around the court without feeling like the shoes were holding me back.


The urethane upper is very durable, and the rubber outsole is some of the toughest I’ve ever seen. I’ve been playing in these shoes for a few weeks now, and they show no signs of wear and tear.


The Asics Gel Resolution 9 is an excellent pickleball shoe that offers a combination of comfort, support, bounce, speed, and durability. I highly recommend it to any player looking for a high-performance shoe that can help them take their game to the next level.

—Ryan Mitchell
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5. K-Swiss Express Light

k-swiss express light pickleball shoes

Highlight: The K-Swiss Express Light pickleball shoes offer a combination of lightweight design and durability, featuring a special formula EVA for cushioning, a drag guard for increased resistance in high-wear areas, and a breathable mesh upper; players praise the cloud-like feel, stability, and comfort during extended play, making them one of the best pickleball shoes.

Helpful reviews:

I have gone through 5+ pairs of shoes, looking for some comfortable pickleball shoes. In my search, I have discovered that there is a noticeable difference between tennis shoes, all-court shoes, and pickleball-specific shoes. Like many who have decided to equip themselves for pickleball, I am used to running shoes. Running shoes have very flexible soles, and I like fairly cushioned soles. If your tastes and experience are similar, save yourself some time and rule out those closeout all-court shoes. Leave those for the teenagers playing volleyball.

Tennis shoes are everywhere, and there are tons of options. However, tennis shoes are extremely stiff in the sole and upper. These K-Swiss pickleball shoes have finally satisfied my needs. They are stiffer than running shoes, but not so stiff that you end up stomping around the court. They have good court-focused traction, good cushioning in the sole, a wide pad of stability, and come in several colors that don’t look like garbage.

General features I like about this shoe include the tongue centering loop, decent lace length, extra hole at the top for tightening, and a padded heel that doesn’t slip. Some possible detractors: there is slight rubbing at the ankle, as others mentioned, but it was not a bother to me. Also, the toe box is not very square, so that might be an issue if you prefer a roomy toe box. They are also warmer than I am used to, but I imagine that is the case for most shoes of this style, as they are almost all much more reinforced on top than running shoes are.

For my tastes and use, this is a great pickleball shoe and meets my needs.


This is the second pair of K-Swiss Express Light shoes I have purchased. I usually wear an 8, and I have a tiny bit of a wider forefoot and a high arch. Right out of the box, these were a perfect fit in the regular width, a rare thing for me.

I play about 6 hours of pickleball per week, and the sole wore down a decent amount after 8-10 months of play. I was ready to replace them, even though worn; they are not slippery on a dry court.

I did purchase the K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme next, and I like the way they feel around the ankle. The toe box seems less constrained than the Express Light, and the laces start a bit higher up, making it hard to tighten the area just behind the ball of the foot. I had to go up a half size to 8.5, as my toe was hitting the end of the shoe. The Supreme is also comfortable out of the box. Compared to Asics, Sketchers, and Prince, they were not comfortable at all.

The K-Swiss Supreme is comfortable, yet I think I prefer the Express Light overall.

—Carel Hellrung
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6. Mizuno Wave Exceed Tour 5

Highlight: Lightweight and breathable; a durable upper that can withstand a lot of wear and tear; a very comfortable fit, especially for people with narrow or medium feet; a lot of grip, especially on hard courts.

Helpful review: Comfortable right out of the box. I wouldn’t mind a little more space in the toe box, but because of how flexible the upper is it’s not really a problem. I turn my ankles very easily so I had resorted to using a minimalist shoe with no stack height to protect my ankles. Unfortunately the lack of cushion when playing up to 12 hours a week of pickleball was taking a toll. I decided to try these because people mentioned how comfortable they were right from the start. I bought my first pair a year ago and the soles held up really well. Not surprisingly the midsole lost a lot of its cushion after a year. I hadn’t realized how much until I got a new pair to have in reserve and when I tried them on the difference in cushioning was striking. Needless to say, I didn’t want to go back to the old ones. I’m not overweight, but I expect this degree of compression is to be expected after a year of heavy use. My ankles feel really stable and I haven’t come close to turning them. I usually have a hard time finding comfortable shoes in any style so I am thrilled with these.

—Oregon Jim
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7. Nike Court Vapor Lite 2

nikecourt vapor lite 2 pickleball shoes

Highlight: The Nike Vapor Light 2 is a pickleball player’s dream, delivering unbeatable comfort with its dual-density midsole, breathable mesh upper, and a personalized fit, all at a budget-friendly price point.

Helpful review: I’m excited to share my hands-on experience with the new Nike Vapor Light 2, re-engineered for 2023. If you’re on the hunt for a comfortable and budget-friendly option, this might just be your next go-to pickleball shoe.

What immediately caught my attention was the exceptional comfort underfoot, thanks to its dual-density midsole. It offers a perfect blend of responsiveness, bounce, and cushioning, making those on-court movements feel effortless. The mesh upper adds to the comfort, providing breathability and solid support throughout the game.

Now, let’s talk fit. If you’re familiar with Nike sizing, this shoe follows the snug medium fit typical in the Nike world. Personally, with my medium-width foot, the fit was spot-on. However, if you lean towards a wider foot, you might want to explore other options. The lacing system allows for a personalized fit, making it easy to find that sweet spot for your comfort.

Putting them on is a breeze, thanks to the easy entry and traditional tongue. Moving to the outsole, it strikes a balance between durability and performance. While it may not be the most durable option out there, it certainly holds its own, especially on hard courts – perfect for those intense pickleball matches. It can handle some action on clay, but it truly shines on hard surfaces.

To sum it up, the Nike Vapor Light 2 offers great value, impressive cushioning, and an all-around solid performance on the pickleball court. If you’re ready to elevate your game without breaking the bank, consider giving these a shot.

—Nate M.

Final Verdict – Best Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball is a fun and easy-to-learn sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. However, it is important to have the right shoes in order to play your best and avoid injuries.

I have reviewed 7 of the best pickleball shoes on the market and found that the best overall shoe is the ASICS Gel-Resolution 9. This shoe is comfortable, supportive, and durable, and it provides excellent traction on both indoor and outdoor courts.

However, there are a few other great options to consider, depending on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a lightweight and breathable shoe, the Babolat Jet Mach 3 or the K-Swiss Express Light are good options. If you need a shoe with more support, the ASICS Gel-RENMA or the Adidas Barricade are good choices. And if you are looking for a shoe that is specifically designed for outdoor courts, the Nike Court Vapor Lite 2 is a great option.

No matter which shoe you choose, make sure that it fits well and provides you with the support and traction you need to play your best.