Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle Review

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Highlight: a Normex core for powerful sweet spot hits and an ergonomic handle for control.

Helpful review: “Having had the chance to play several games with the Onix pickleball paddle, here’s my comprehensive feedback:

Construction & Durability: One of the first things you notice about the Onix paddle is its robust build. The craftsmanship is of high quality, and it seems designed to withstand regular play, ensuring longevity.

Weight: Onix paddles usually come in a range of weights, catering to different player preferences. Whether you prefer a lightweight for quicker maneuvers or a slightly heavier one for power shots, Onix likely has a variant to suit your style.

Grip: The grip is both comfortable and effective, providing a reliable hold. This minimizes the chances of the paddle slipping during those intense moments, a critical feature for maintaining consistency in your game.

Surface: The texture of the paddle surface aids in providing additional spin on the ball, making it easier to catch opponents off-guard. The surface also offers a good balance between power and control, making it versatile for both aggressive and strategic players.

Sound: The paddle has a solid, yet not overpowering sound upon ball contact, which is satisfying and gives a good feedback on the quality of your strike.

Aesthetics: Onyx paddles are not only functional but also have a sleek design, ensuring you play in style.


I am so happy with this paddle that it drove me to write this review. Some players will find the right paddle for themselves with their very first purchase. Many others, like me, are not so fortunate. In my case, it was paddle no. 5 that did the trick. I tried paddles from Gamma, Head and Selkirk. All were good paddles but just not right for me. As I found out, finding the paddle that is best for you can be very challenging. The paddle I love may very well not be to your liking at all. However, it was the Onix Z5 Mod that turned out to be the one for me.

The information provided by the manufacturer states these paddles can weigh anywhere between 7.5 – 8.2 ounces. Mine came in at 7.5. I liked that the light weight would help with control and accuracy, but I was concerned that it might come at the cost of a loss of power. Imagine my delight when using it for the first time, I found that it was superb on accuracy and quite adequate on power.

I have only been playing for 5 months but this paddle has definitely improved my game, especially on placing the ball where I want it to go. I originally found the handle to be a bit too short for me at 5 inches, as I prefer 5.25 inches, but I am now playing so much better, I no longer care about the paddle length. Also, this paddle has quite a loud “pop” when you hit that sweet spot. Some love that sound and some do not. I love it, so that was just a plus for me.

My wife and I each play with an Onix Z5 Mod and have 1 extra as a back-up. I wish you all good luck in finding the paddle that is just right for you.

—Huan Le/An Tran

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onix z5 graphite pickleball paddle
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