[2023 Update] Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Review You Can’t Miss

Quick Summary: Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is one of the most expensive paddles as well as one of the most common paddles used by pros. I would highly recommend this paddle to anyone who is serious about playing pickleball, especially for those who are a finesse type, winning the game by control, spin, and speed most of the time.

paddletek tempest wave pro review

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

  • Power: 8/10
  • Control: 9.5/10
  • Forgiveness: 9.5/10

This Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro review will include the following four aspects:

Detailed Review of Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is the most popular paddle in the Paddletek Tempest series. Paddles in this series prioritize control and touch over power and performance, but that doesn’t mean Tempest Wave Pro is bad in terms of power. It is an all-around pickleball paddle that’s great for every style of play, but obviously better for strategic players.

Now let’s go into details.


Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a classically shaped paddle with a length of 15 7/8 inches, a width of 8 inches, and a thickness of 9/16 inches.

Unlike the elongated shape (favored by pros) and the wide shape (favored by novices), the classic shape can provide a balanced mix of power, spin, forgiveness, and maneuverability. If you’re not that particular about one certain shape type, you will be happy with it.


Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is about 7.6 – 8.0 oz, which falls in the middle range. This weight is not too light nor too heavy so it guarantees a great combination of power and control. Meanwhile, the balanced weight distribution will offer you extraordinary maneuverability and flexibility during the play.

And what is also worth mentioning is that mid-weight paddles are universally recognized as the best for tennis elbow and arthritis because they will not wear you out after longtime play like a heavyweight paddle nor require you to swing harder to produce enough power like a lightweight paddle.

While someone may feel it is a little bit soft and hard to put on power but honestly I don’t feel that way. So make sure you have enough power and don’t need to borrow extra power from the paddle.


The handle is the most perfect part of Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro. It is 5 1/4 inches long with two circumference choices: 4 1/8″ (thin), and 4 3/8″(standard).

First of all, the handle length is long enough for you to flexibly switch between reach and control and even play two-handed backhand. Moreover, according to the test results of Pickleball Effect, the longer the handle the more power and spin you can generate, so it is great for advanced pickleball players. I assume you’ll love it unless you are used to griping the handle the way you do with a ping pong racket.

Second, Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro offers two optional grip circumferences: 4 1/8″, and 4 3/8″. This is very considerate and you can choose one of the two based on your hand size. Usually, I would recommend 4 3/8″ unless you have very small hands, for instance, like some women and teenagers. Besides, I would personally choose the standard grip size because it is cushioned and more comfortable.

Overall speaking, with this in your hand, you can really feel like you are in control of every shot. And as far as I know, this is perhaps the best handle design you can find in other equal-priced paddles.

Face Material

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro adopts a textured carbon fiber face. The carbon fiber face is light but strong and the texture on the face makes it easy to put spin on the ball.

Just like what Paddletek described about the Tempest series, you can hit the ball anywhere you want with the Wave Pro in your hand. It is especially impressive when you play third drops and dinks at the net.

Apart from that, it can effectively reduce vibration from impact and thus has a larger sweet spot and is more forgiving and consistent.

By the way, I really love hearing the ball come off the paddle. It sounds great and solid.

Core Material

Wave Pro is equipped with Tempest’s patented smart response technology and honeycomb core technology. The former is used to enhance control without adding up the paddle weight and the latter is the reason why Wave Pro can be so responsive.

Paddletek was the first to introduce these two technologies into the manufacturing of pickleball paddles and until now it is still far ahead of its competitors.   

After playing with Wave Pro, I can feel the core is really nice with all kinds of shots and definitely improves consistency and forgiveness throughout the game.

What I Like and Dislike about Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

To make this part unbiased, I collected and summarized the most helpful positive and negative reviews of Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro, so you don’t need to bother yourself checking all those reviews one by one.

What I Like

  • Supreme precision and speed.
  • Place the ball exactly where you want it with unmatched control and accuracy.
  • Very responsive due to the SRT core.
  • Great for spin.
  • Huge sweet spot.
  • Balanced weight.

What I Dislike

  • A little bit pricey, which is not necessary if you are not very serious about playing pickleball.
  • You may experience several dead spots after a long time using.
  • Poor shipping and packaging considered the price.

What Others Say about Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

“Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is one of the premier paddles in the game. I put this paddle right up there with the Selkirk AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle, and many say it may even be the most complete paddle in the game.”

Pickleball Paul

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Alternatives

Below are the comparison reviews between Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro and its counterparts.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro vs Reign Pro

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro and Reign Pro are very similar but you can still find some differences.

First of all, Wave Pro is a classic shape paddle while Reign Pro is an elongated paddle. So if you are used to playing with elongated paddles you’ll like Reign Pro paddle more.

Second, Wave Pro is a lot more solid across the face while Reign Pro is a little softer. But actually they both have pretty much the same power.

Third, Reign Pro spins the ball a lot more than the the Wave Pro so if you are a spinner, you’ll definitely enjoy the Reign Pro more then the Wave Pro.

Except above, they are almost identical. Both of them can send the ball deep from the back line as well as hit perfect dinks at the net.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro vs Paddletek Tempest Wave 2

There is no doubt that Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is an advanced version of Paddletek Tempest Wave 2. The former has a slight edge over the latter in almost every aspect, including power, control, and forgiveness.

After comparing these two paddles, I found out the main differences between these two lie in the paddle weight, grip circumference, core material, and core thickness.

In terms of weight weight, Wave 2 is slightly lighter than Wave Pro so it requires more power from you; In terms of grip, Wave 2 has a more comfortable grip than Wave Pro; As to the core material/thickness, Wave 2 is not be as responsive as Wave Pro.

Nevertheless, Paddletek Tempest Wave 2 is $50 cheaper than Wave Pro so I still think it has the best value for money. If you want an intermediate instead of a premier paddle, Wave 2 is a better choice for you.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro vs Selkirk AMPED Epic

It’s very hard to choose a winner between Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro and Selkirk AMPRE Epic because they both have great power and control and both belong to the top-level pickleball paddles. But as far as I am concerned, Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro may have a slight edge over Selkirk AMPED Light thanks to its more ergonomic handle.

However, besides product quality, Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro has no warranty while Selkirk AMPRE Epic provides a lifetime guarantee. And consider that AMPED Epic is even cheaper than Wave Pro, I would be more inclined to Selkirk as a whole.

Final Verdict

If you have plenty of power and want to further improve your finesse, Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is the paddle for you. It is a quality and well-made pickleball paddle and I believe it can absolutely help you win more games at the net.