[2023 Update] STIGA Advantage Pro Full Review

Quick Summary: To conclude, STIGA Advantage Pro is more focused on storability and convenience over competitive playability. It’s undoubtedly the best recreational ping pong table under $500 and also a good choice for entry-level table tennis players.

stiga advantage pro review
  • Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 2.5 ft (regulation size)
  • Table Thickness: 3/4” (19 mm)
  • Type: Indoor
  • Color: Blue
  • Playback Capabilities: Yes
  • Rollaway Capabilities: Yes
  • Weight: 211 pounds
  • Assembly Time: 10 mins (95% pre-assembled)

This STIGA Advantage Pro review will unveil the following concern for you:


STIGA Advantage Pro can create a similar ball bounce and spin like a professional ping pong table.

It features a 19 mm wood tabletop with a multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping.

The table thickness can make the ball bounce to a high enough height and the sleek playing surface can make sure the ball bounces in the right direction.

But generally speaking, the thicker a table is, the better bounce it can create. So if you value playability very much, a 25 mm ping pong table such as JOOLA Inside 25 would be more appropriate for you.


STIGA Advantage Pro can last for years if you use and store it properly.

First of all, the table undercarriage composed of 1.5” square steel legs and a 1.58″ apron can effectively prevent the tabletop from warping after excessive knocks and vibrations.

Second, the black coating on the surface can make the table appearance consistent without rust.

However, there are always premises when it comes to the durability of an indoor ping pong table.

As its playing surfaces is very vulnerable to the elements, you should not put it outside for a long time and better put a table cover on it when not in use.

STIGA Advantage Pro Assembly Instructions

As STIGA Advantage Pro comes 95% pre-assembled, all you need to do is join the caster beams to the legs with 8 bolts.

It’s super easy to operate but considering the table weight, we suggest it’s best done by two people.

Here’s the assembly instructions video for you:

STIGA Advantage Pro Best Prices

Buying a ping pong table can really be a sizable investment. Therefore, below we’ve compared the prices on all major shopping websites.

The official price for STIGA Advantage Pro is $599.99.

Sale promotions can occasionally be expected on both Amazon and STIGA’s official websites.

However, on the contrary, Wayfair and Walmart will take extra fees.

AmazonSTIGA OfficialWayfairWalmart

Pros of STIGA Advantage Pro Table

Tournament-grade Net Set: To complete the game, STIGA Advantage Pro table tennis table includes a 72″ net with adjustable tension system and two clamp-on posts that can be easily assembled on and removed from the table.

Compact Storage: STIGA Advantage Pro has optimal storage dimensions of 64 x 60 x 28 inches, so it’s easy to store away when not in use.

Solo Playback: The table is composed of two separate halves so that you can put one side in a vertical position for personal playback.

Rollaway Capabilities: With 4” lockable caster wheels, you can effortlessly roll and transport table halves and lock them in place for added safety.

Height levelers: The 2″ adjustable leg levelers under each leg can keep your floor scratch-free and enable you to put the table on an uneven surface.

Safety latch system: The anti-tilting devices under each half of the table can prevent the table from accidentally opening and closing. This is very important when you have kids running around.

Satisfaction guaranteed: STIGA Advantage Pro T8581W is manufactured by Escalade Sports. Its fully-staffed customer service team is committed to making you 100% satisfied with the purchase.

Cons of STIGA Advantage Pro Table

Arrives with damage: Like any other indoor ping pong table, there will be some damage in the transit.

Very limited warranty period: STIGA Advantage Pro has a very limited 90-day warranty, which is much shorter than the standard 1-year warranty and can be taken as an indicator of poor quality.

Only comes in one color: The table only comes in blue.

STIGA Advantage Pro Video Review

People Also Ask about STIGA Advantage Pro Table

1. Is STIGA a good ping pong brand?

The answer is an absolute yes.

Founded in 1944, STIGA is a global leading manufacturer of table tennis products with more than 60 years of history.

Over the past half-century, STIGA’s products have been recognized by a large number of table tennis players and fans.

Through their close cooperation with athletes and coaches of all countries, especially China and Sweden, STIGA has always maintained its leading position in the field of table tennis.

2. Which table tennis brand is the best?

JOOLA, STIGA, and Butterfly are currently recognized as the best table tennis brands.

Besides, the Chinese brand DHS (Double Happiness) is gaining popularity these days.

3. Where are STIGA ping pong tables made?

STIGA ping pong tables are manufactured worldwide and mainly in German, China, and Mexico.


STIGA Advantage Pro is a perfect combination of recreational and professional use. It is suitable for tournament players who want to improve their skill levels, as well as people who just want to play ping pong leisurely.