STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table Review You Can’t Miss

Quick Summary: STIGA Onyx is a true tournament-level table tennis table that plays and looks all great. It is the most amazing ping pong table in its price range and has basically zero bad reviews.

stiga onyx table tennis table review
  • Table Dimensions: 9 x 5 ft (regulation size)
  • Table Thickness: 25 mm
  • Type: Indoor
  • Playback Capabilities: Yes
  • Rollaway Capabilities: Yes
  • Assembly Time: 10 minutes (95% ready out of box)
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Weight: 300 lbs
  • Part Number: T8745W
  • Lowest Price: $599.99

What We Like about STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table

Professional Playability

STIGA Onyx features a 25 mm plywood tabletop with a UV repeat roller coat finish, which can provide you with a professional playing experience.

First of all, 25 mm is the standard thickness for a professional indoor ping pong table, and it can make sure the ball has enough bounce height.

Second, the multi-layered tabletop and UV-cured markings make the table surface silk-screen and thus ensure consistent ball bounce and great ball spin.

Moreover, the table has been tried and proved by top-level STIGA players around the world, so you can rest assured of its quality.

10-minute QuickPlay assembly

STIGA Onyx table tennis table assembly is a piece of cake.

They will enclose an assembly manual with the table and all you need to do is attach the caster beams to the legs with 8 bolts.

Because of that, assembly service is not needed and you can set it up all by yourself.

Folds for playback and compact storage

STIGA Onyx is composed of two independent pieces, which makes it multi-used for solo playback and compact storage.

With its automatic folding legs, you can easily tilt one side into an upright position and then practice on your own.

stiga onyx playback mode

Personal playback is a great choice for limited playing space or when you get no accompaniment.

Likewise, you can fold up both sides for compact storage.

stiga onyx compact storage

The folded two pieces can be completely freestanding and only take about 2.5 x 5 x5 ft space.

Sturdy Undercarriage

What supports STIGA Onyx is 50 mm welded H-style legs and 50 x 20mm steel aprons, which are very similar to JOOLA Inside 25, but the latter is much more expensive when not on sale.

A sturdy enough undercarriage can protect the tabletop from warping after excessive knocks and vibrations and thus ensure many years of fun.

Independent roller chassis design with 4” locking casters

stiga onyx locking casters

You can effortlessly move or transport the table with four 4” locking casters on each side.

4” size is for added portability and the locking feature is for added safety.

This feature brings great convenience when you move the table around in your home, trying to find a place to play.

Safety Latch System

The underside of each table size has a dual safety latch system.

This design can avoid the folded table from suddenly falling apart and hitting on people around it.

Some tables in this price range would adopt a single latch design but it is obviously not safe as a dual safety latch system.

Adjustable Leg Levelers

Legs levelers are present on many current ping pong tables, no matter indoor tables or outdoor tables.

However, STIGA Onyx can make it easier for you to adjust the height without having to lift the table, considering that many ping pong tables are quite heavy.

With just a simple rotation of the levelers, you can put the table on uneven surfaces.

Tournament-Grade Net Set

stiga onyx net set

STIGA Onyx comes with a high-quality screw-on cotton-blend net set, which is the same color as the table.

Compared to a clamp-on style net set, a screw-on style net set can stand more sturdily on the table and thus give you a better playing experience.

The 72” size net set is in accordance with the regulations of ITTF. And after screwing on the post, you can also adjust the net tension.

Stylish and heavy-duty design

Personally speaking, STIGA Onyx is one of the most beautiful and sex-looking ping pong tables I’ve seen. The black/gold finish makes it just as gorgeous as designer furniture.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, STIGA Onyx is built with a strong structure and promises a 3-year warranty, much longer than the standard 1-year guarantee.

It is no exaggeration to say that if kept well, the table can last as a family heirloom.

Zero bad reviews of the table quality

We’ve checked all the reviews one can find online about STIGA Onyx, and to our surprise, there are no bad reviews at all.

No matter from Reddit or reviews on shopping websites, we can feel the extreme satisfaction that people have with this tt table.

What We Dislike about STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table

STIGA Onyx table tennis weight

The table is so heavy that you need 2-4 people to unload it from the truck and move it to your rec room, garage, basement, or wherever you want to put it.

But considering that table weight is also an indicator of good quality, it is not entirely a disadvantage.

Unclear table markings

The markings on the table are not obvious and it hasn’t printed lines onto the edge.

As a result, it might be a bit difficult to keep track of exactly where the table is when playing at speed.

Easy to leave marks on the tabletop

STIGA Onyx leaves a lot of fingerprints very easily.

In addition, the tabletop is not free from scratches so you have to take care during play.

Suggested Users of STIGA Onyx Table Tennis Table

STIGA Onyx table tennis table is specially developed for those who want to seek professional playing experience.

Having said that, we don’t recommend you buy it for professional training. Because its table and marking color are still different from the tables used in official competitions.

STIGA Onyx is more suitable for home or office, which engages both the body and the eye.

STIGA Onyx vs Advantage Pro

STIGA OnyxAdvantage Pro
Table Thickness25 mm19 mm
Leg Size2”1.5”
Apron Size2”1.58”
Safety Latch SystemDualSingle
Net SetScrew StyleClamp Style
Table Weight300 lbs211 lbs
Lowest Price$599.99$499.99

By comparison, it’s obvious that STIGA Onyx is better than Advantage Pro in terms of playability, stability, and durability.

Although Advantage Pro is one hundred dollars cheaper, it cannot change the fact that STIGA Onyx is way much better.

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STIGA Onyx Best Prices

The official price of STIGA Onyx is $899.99, which is quite an amount of money.

But the good news is that when on sale, you can get it for only $599.99.

You can click the following buying clicks to check whether it’s on sale now.

STIGA official website: Buy Now

Dick’s: Buy Now

About STIGA Table Tennis Tables

1. Is STIGA table tennis good?

Yes, it absolutely is.

STIGA is one of the best table tennis table brands in the world.

Founded in 1944 in Sweden, STIGA has been acknowledged by professional table tennis players around the world and has always been committed to producing the best quality ping pong tables.

2. How much does the STIGA Onyx table tennis table weigh?

STIGA Onyx table tennis table is about 300 lbs in weight.

Based on my own experience, it’ll take 2-4 people to unload and set up the table.

3. Which is the best table tennis table brand?

There’s no absolute winner for the best table tennis table brand. STIGA, JOOLA, and Butterfly are all famous and trustworthy table tennis brands.

Apart from them, the Chinese brand DHS is gradually getting its place by collaborating with the World’s best Chinese table tennis team.

4. What is the best thickness for a ping pong table?

The universally acknowledged best thickness for a ping pong table is 25 mm.

And the general rule about ping pong table thickness is that the thicker, the better.

5. What is the size of STIGA Onyx table tennis table?

STIGA Onyx is a regulation-size table tennis table that measures 9 ft in length, 5 ft in width, and 2.5 ft in height.

Final Thought

To conclude, STIGA Onyx table tennis table is not only a 25 mm tournament quality table but also one of the most stylish and elegant tables I have ever seen.

If you are seeking a stylish and cool professional ping pong table, STIGA Onyx is definitely the most cost-effective one!